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Do you want to strengthen a safety net that protects everyone?

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About Gregory House Programs:
In 1989, the agency implemented emergency housing and subsidy programs to meet statewide housing needs. In the early 1990s, demand for services increased and working with other community stakeholders, the agency helped draft applications to bring new federal funds to the Hawaii. In 2012, we added Save the FoodBasket Program (food and nutrition) from a successful merger.

Housing and Good Nutrition Cornerstones
Stable, permanent housing is essential to long term survival with HIV. Without housing, it is difficult for PLWH to access continuous primary medical care, adhere to a medications regimen, maintain proper nutrition, and access other support. Numerous studies show that housing for PLWH reduces morbidity rates, improves health outcomes, extends life expectancy, and reduces legal issues (citations, jail, court proceedings) and usage of emergency services (ambulance, ER care, crisis intervention). Furthermore, housing reduces new HIV infections as housed PLWH are less likely to engage in risky behaviors than on the streets. (Source: Fact Sheets and Policy Paper). Similarly, good nutrition and food security is important for a PLWH. It also has proven to positively support adherence. The CDC has estimated lifetime savings of preventing a single case of new HIV infection to be more than $300,00.

Who We Help
PLWH and their families who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless with very-low incomes and limited resources. The lessons learned in serving this population are increasingly being applied to address the crisis of homelessness that is impacting everyone in Hawaii. In some circumstances, we can provide assistance for anyone in need, regardless of HIV status

Vision Statement
Persons living with HIV/AIDS in Hawaii have safe and stable housing with access to supportive services they need to lead satisfying lives with dignity.